Watch: Mariah Carey Cryptically Announces New Miguel Video


Mariah shows us that even divas make mistakes sometimes.

So the story goes that MC had had a 14 hour day before she sat down to shoot a promo video for “#Beautiful”. Turns out, half a day and two hours are all it takes to muddle a diva up. She makes blooper after blooper in the take to the point where she even gets a little antsy. Well, that was partly because someone spilt coffee on her couch – is she shooting in her house? She finally attempts remixing “Obsessed” in order to reveal her announcement but the epic fail turns into her calling her own performance rancid. It’s the life in the day of a diva in two and a half minutes. With a touch of a cryptic announcement about the video that forced her to wear the arm brace which you will see is no more. Also, look out for a quick snippet that she songs of the song which she says will drop for her Lambs on YouTube.

Considering this was the makings of an announcement we’ll wait for that to drop (assuming they got through it at all). We’ll keep an eye out for the video too. Check back soon for details.


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