NEW: Nakhane Touré – “Brave Confusion” | Album Audio


You’re gonna wish you had your shoes on – it’s about to be a long journey with Nakhane Touré’s ‘Brave Confusion’.

When we first got wind of Nakhane Touré, we couldn’t wait for his debut record to be released. Following its release yesterday, we thought we’d remind ourselves of the brave yet confused old soul that is Nakhane Touré.

For the country that Nakhane finds himself in, his explicitly intimate lyrics underscored by his acoustic ambience make up something of a controversial body of work. It’s a 13-track journey from his relationships with Christopher and his Jonathan, to questions of spirituality and faith, to questioning himself and the things he finds himself doing. Even narcotics – “Tabula Rasa”? Brave Confusion sonically quantifies the sound of an entire generation that remains dismissed as confused.

My confusion left me bemused / I shall explain later when I am brave / … / That confusion was just a room to fool myself into being brave / An illusion I have used to fool myself into being brave

So “controversial” may in fact mean misunderstood, explicit, raw. This raises the question: why do we make and consume art in the first place? If not to question our own sentiments on the status quo.

You’ll remember Touré’s rendition of The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven” from his EPK. Our biggest problem with Brave Confusion is the exclusion of this song on the record. (Can we get a deluxe edition, Just Music?)

Rolling Stone Magazine said he was “better than Thom Yorke at the same age” – in my estimation, his “Just Like Heaven” rendition is performed the way the song was always meant to be sung.

Fela Kuti. Ali Farka Touré. Morrissey. Roadiohead. It’s an interesting thing this idea of inspiration in the way that it allows the artist to channel the best of himself and ride it on the shoulders of the best elements of the those who have come before.

Brave Confusion is available at all good music stores and on iTunes.


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