PREMIERE: Justin Timberlake – “Take Back the Night” | Video


Justin Timberlake takes the night back in China Town.

We don’t want to believe that this is actually what JT gets up to after gigs but each to his own they say. When we brought you the MJ inspired “Take Back the Night”, the first single off of Justin’s second coming of The 20/20 Experience, we had no idea that the video was going to be an event. I guess we should’ve known from the effort that went into the visuals for the audio clip of the song. The music video follows Timberlake on his way to his Jay-Z collaborative Legends of Summer Tour at the Yankee Stadium. Not only will you get to see JT blowing off his Yankee Stadium steam by busting some moves in China Town but you’ll also get snippets of his performance of the song on the gargantuan stage.

The experience does not end here though. JT takes you on a virtual ride through New York City to show the route to taking back the night. Follow the conversation on Twitter at #TakeBackTN and be sure to check out the “Take Back the Night” interactive feature.

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