NEW ARTIST: Sebastian Mikael ft. Wale – “Last Night” | Audio + Video BTS


New artist, Sebastian Mikael debuts with a new sound.

The question about whether or not to study art before pursuing a career in it is a dilemma every young artist goes through today. The reality is, however, no matter how talented and gifted you may be, talent and a gift coupled with skill surpasses all. Case in point: Sebastian Mikael. He is classically trained in music and has seemed to successfully find the nexus between classical music and, what seems to be his love, R&B.

The first single off of his forthcoming debut EP is the Wale featured, “Last Night”. His publicist described it to us as “90s-inspired” but we’d like to propose a focus further back to the 70s. There’s something special about the way Mikael understands music and particularly R&B that’s very reminiscent of an Off the Wall Michael Jackson. Perhaps its his flawless falsetto. Or the way that the bass leads the orchestration of the instrumentals. Maybe its in the switch up from verse to pre-chorus and chorus. Can you say: debut-hit-single.

What is a hot debut single, that features Wale, without a video? Mikael headed down to Atlanta with his song’s hip hop star, some models and a crew to shoot the narrative to his musical chronicles. Take a peek at the behind-the-scenes footage and check back soon for the full video clip.


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