PREMIERE: Jay-Z – “Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film” | Video


Jay-Z redefines the music video with #newrules

We first saw Michael Jackson do it back in 1982 with “Billie Jean”. It would be the single most influential video to Michael’s career and thinking behind the idea of the music video, and even to music video history. There would be no “Thriller” without “Billie Jean”.

Fast forward 31 years and one Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter is filling those very same gargantuan shoes. There are couple of things that set this clip apart as a redefinition of the music video. Not the least of which being, one of the first things you’ll notice is that Vevo don’t have an exclusive cut of the video on their JayZVEVO Channel. The Life + Times owner and creator made the decision to release the 10-minuter via his own channel which, you’ll remember, is how he’s been communicating Magna Carta Holy Grail to us from the start anyway.

The idea of the music video is completely blown out of the water with this one along with the concept of live performance. The video itself, opens with Jay in interview at the Pace Gallery, talking about the difference between arena shows and intimate performance venues. He is calling this a performance art piece and you’ll immediately see that he, instead of artist, is in fact the art itself performing to the fans. Or perhaps with the fans. The shoot is inspired by Marina Abramović’s 2010 MoMA retrospective, “The Artist is Present”. She, along with street dancers, curators, actors, hip hop artists and various other artists join Jay on stage in synergy to create art. “No sympathy for the king, huh?” That is all about to change. #factsonly

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