Watch: The Black Ties – “Soul Classics” LIVE | Baxter Theatre


The Black Ties take the Baxter audience on trans-generational musical journey.

You know the feeling you get on a Sunday when the weather is just right, you’ve had a good church service, a wholesome Sunday lunch and you’re overindulging on the soul food of Metro FM? That same shortlived blissfulness is what The Black Ties brought to their Capetonian fans.

The trio, consisting of Chad Saaiman, Keeno Lee and Lloyd Jansen, recently performed a stint at the Baxter Theatre as part of their “Soul Classics” live show presented by Vodacom. When we spoke to Saaiman earlier this year at the annual Music Exchange Conference, he stressed just how important this group was to him and how much he loved it. If you know anything about music and those who have paved the way for artists like The Black Ties, your sentiments are bound to align with Chad’s sooner rather than later. Michael Bolton. James Brown. The Jackson 5. Sounds of this nature are what you can expect to hear from the collective cover artists who are never caught performing without looking suave in suit and tie or belting out a heart melting harmony. Gentlemen, be warned: your ladies will fall.

In case you live under a rock or found yourself out of town on the special night of the occasion, check highlights from the spectacle below.

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