PREMIERE: Busta Rhymes ft. Nicki Minaj – “#TwerkIt” | Video


Busta hits the club with Nicki, Pharrell and more for new video.

So what can we expect from a video called, “#TwerkIt”? A storyline. Perhaps some Jamaican influences. Nicki Minaj. Pharrell. DJ Khaled. Tosh. Oh right. Twerking. That was my first guess, I promise. The former-most guess in the list is the most peculiar. Tosh and Busta wake up in the same bed only to turn on the stove. Before we know it, we’re in a club riddled with pro-twerkers who’ve got more jelly than Willy Wonka can ever dream of producing. Truth is, a minute and half in you’d have forgotten that the Director X and Busta Rhymes-directed video has any story attached to it. In fact, Tosh’s reappearance at the end is a harsh reminder that something’s been forgtten. But if you just focus on Busta’s monster face and label branded costumes, you might look past it all and straight at all that booty. In case you missed the behind-the-scenes, take a peek here. Otherwise, check out the finished product below.

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