Watch: Big Sean Previews “Hall Of Fame” in NYC


Big Sean ranks himself as one of the greatest during ‘Hall Of Fame’ listening party.

Methinks Big Sean has been watching a lot of Jay-Z’s post-Magna Carta interviews. Although there might be a slight breeze of arrogance to his Hall Of Fame intro, the rapper’s sentiments about his music and rap seem to echo those we heard from Jay a few weeks ago. Jay said J Cole or Drake probably think their albums are better than his and that they should. Big Sean came out in New York and said that he’s outrapped every rapper he’s been on a track with, including but not limited to the greats, and that he will continue to. His focus with this album, according to the “Guap” rapper, wasn’t to show off how sick his flow is, but rather quality.

You’ll see the previews of the new single, “Fire”, as well as a 40-second sample of a new single. From what we can hear – which isn’t too much – this is a slightly different sound for Big Sean and it just might be the record that earns him the respect he so emphatically states that he deserves.

Check out his intro and a preview of “Fire” in the first clip, followed by the new single in the next.

3 thoughts on “Watch: Big Sean Previews “Hall Of Fame” in NYC

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