NEW: Big Sean – “Fire” | Lyric Video


Ignite your own fire by learning the correct lyrics.

August is the month of Hall Of Fame. Big Sean’s forthcoming sophomore album has finally kicked up its momentum ahead of its release date announcement. What followed straight on that was a short version of the new single “Fire” in the form of a video starring Miley Cyrus. We were convinced that this two minute and fifty second version was it, but say hello to the full track in the form of a lyric video.

If we cast our thoughts back to Big Sean’s quasi-rant at his listening party, you’ll remember his assuring us that he was going to outrap every rapper there is with this new album. The truth is this new song is great with its Twista-esque production feel to it. Lyric videos make lyric criticism so much easier and this attempt by Big Sean is certainly not the best we’ve heard from him. It isn’t particularly awful but with what’s there out now, I’m not sure if good is good enough. Nor even very good. Like Jay says “F.U.T.W.”: just let me be great.

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