NEW: Katy Perry – “Roar” | Lyric Video


Katy Perry’s new single…in a series of texts.

Perhaps my friends and I are corny but have you never played the lyric game via some or other IM service? We’d do it all the time. Guess it’s just me, my friends and Katy. For her new single, “Roar”, Katy and her mates whip out their iPhones to creatively text out the lyrics to her new power single. A song as inspirational as “Roar” requires some form of illustration to show just how much bigger your are than your situation. And let’s face it, iPhone has some of the dopest emoticons known to man or beast. It’s a visual treat and an interesting take on the lyric video. It could probably do with out the toilet scene (although I’m pretty sure 9/10 of you reading this text while on the loo).


2 thoughts on “NEW: Katy Perry – “Roar” | Lyric Video

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