PREMIERE: Funk Deepstar & Skaiva ft. Rakim – “Day Dreamer” | Video


Funk Deepstar shows us that chivalry is in fact not dead.

Watching the next video, I must admit, left me slightly uncomfortable. Maybe a lot uncomfortable. The new house banger from Funk Deepstar & Skaiva is the perfect party jam. Coupled with the vocal efforts of Rakim, the song might even help you find your love at the next house party you attend. If you’re lucky, you may end up on a date as romantic as the one you’re about to witness first hand (prepare your candles, single ladies and gents). Which brings me back to my opening sentiment. I’m not too sure that I’m comfortable playing voyeur over two lovers on a very intimate date – it feels as though I’m prying and makes me wonder if I should feel bad – but on a brighter note, there are ample tips in this four minute clip that will no doubt make your next date one to remember. Don’t confuse the message: both video and single are as hot as they come.

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