NEW ARTIST: Yamkela Mdaka Debuts with “HeartBeat” | Audio


New artist brings a new sound to take you to a new dimension.

We cannot stress enough just how much we love new artists here at Feedbaq and it’s precisely because of artists that we find, like this latest one, that we love what we do.

Yamkela Mdaka is a singer, songwriter and guitarist who’s stirring up a new sound in his native South Africa. The raw, acoustic feel of his debut single, “HeartBeat” feels right at home with his cocoa butter vocals. As though that initial ambience weren’t enough, a harmonic chorus lifts the song from new-artist-trying-his-luck to a musician who lives music and can do nothing but share it with the world. The song talks about the inescapable presence of one’s love for another and with that, does the harmonious job of pulling on every heartstring its listener possesses.

We’re told to expect more in the near future and you can be sure to find it right here on Feedbaq. Until then, here he is now: Yamkela Mdaka with his debut love story, “HeartBeat”.


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