NEW: Jessie J – “Hero” (Kick-Ass 2 Soundtrack) | Lyric Video


The Incredible Jessie J drops “Hero” lyric video.

Ever wondered what Jessie J would look like as a superhero? Yeah. Neither have we. Sadly, we’ll never know (unless she gets any ideas soon). But perhaps hearing what she’d sound like as a superhero – or superheroine in keeping with being politically correct – will have to suffice for now. The reality is, she still sounds like Jessie J on “Hero” but the comic book-themed lyric video is fun to look at. Once you get passed all the niceties, you’ll realise that it’s actually a very inspirational song, which seems to be the latest trend among the pop superheroines of today.


The single forms part of the Kick-Ass 2 Soundtrack whose film has already dropped in Jessie’s native UK. If you love the single as much as you loved the film (which I’m assuming because you’re reading this) be sure to show your love by downloading it here.


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