#TBT: Lonehill Estate – “Gangstar” | Video


Lonehill Estate find their “gangster” in Soweto.

The term ‘gangster’ is bandied around today in a more positive connotation than its etymology pertains to. It’s become synonymous with cool, dope and the trill life. South African rockers, Lonehill Estate, seem to have no inkling though. Their new single, “Gangstar” talks about a girl who calls you ‘gangster’ and ‘rockstar’ but what the hell does that even mean? To find out, they journey south of Johannesburg only to wake up in Soweto. The barbers on the side of the road, the mamas selling amagwinya, some youths hanging out on the street, some poor person’s house’s rooftop and even Mr Selwyn are all assigned the roll of educator of the idea of gangster and rockstar. It doesn’t get triller than this.

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