Watch: Lady Gaga – “Applause” | Behind-the-Scenes Lyric Video


Haus of Gaga remind us why are lives aren’t cool as Lady Gaga’s.

Yes. Only Gaga would think to release a behind-the-scenes clip to a lyric video. But it isn’t so behind-the-scenes as it is a revelatory scene. Remember how jealous we all were about the drag party that was canvas for Lady Gaga’s “Applause” lyric video? Well the Haus of Gaga has indulged our envy with an exclusive 3-minuter of some the action that went down. You’ll see Gaga play the role of camerawoman as she cheers the ladies on while occasionally throwing in a shimmy shake here and there. Verdict: it was a jump.


One thought on “Watch: Lady Gaga – “Applause” | Behind-the-Scenes Lyric Video

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