PREMIERE: Cuebur ft. Marissa Guzman – “No Doubt” | Video


Cuebur leaves us with no doubt that he’s new single’s a hit.

This is probably the most exciting house track we’ve heard since DJ Qness’ hit single, “Everything”. Truth be told: there’s very little to look at in the video but perhaps you’ll enjoy getting intimate with Cuebur and his vocal assistant, American songstress, Marissa Guzman. This is a house track, after all, and that means it’s the actual track that’s meant to be enjoyed. And boy, are you about to lose it. Dub step made ‘the drop’ infamous and Cuebur takes it to another stratosphere in this one. The bass and strings coupled with a xylophonic rhythm add to the reason why this track is already burning up dancefloors across South Africa. It is the second single from Cuebur’s For Heads Only which is available now on iTunes. Show some love with a simple purchase and play.

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