PREMIERE: The-Dream ft. Gary Clark, Jr. – “Too Early” | Video


Dream drops a soulful confessional.

Even though nobody’s certain that he’s certain of his place, The-Dream very definitely has a place in the music industry. My vote: behind the scenes. All you need to say is, “Holy
Grail” and we can further expand on a plethora of hits that have come from his pen and studio. “Too Early” is not a bad attempt though. The fact that Dream took soul on, may be viewed as brave or ludicrous. My sentiments fall somewhat on the fence, if you’ll allow me. The Gary Clark, Jr.-featured record is not only catchy but sonically coherent. However, one can’t help but imagine that since he is such a genius at making hits for others that perhaps it would have soared in the hands of say, Charlie Wilson, Jaheim or even Justin Timberlake.

The video is perhaps the weakest point of the entire package. In five minutes, the clip fails to eloquently express the myriad of scenarios that occur in and around The-Dream’s deranged love life. It left a lot to be desired. You wonder if perhaps a longform video might’ve done the trick. Or perhaps it’s the fault of editing. Too early a release?

If you have any appreciation for R&B and soul, you’ll find something to love in “Too Early”, if not the entire song. With IV Play seeing its fourth month since release, this might just be the record that gets us talking about it again.

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