NEW: Beyoncé – “Grown Woman” (Acoustic Country Road Version) | Audio


Beyoncé’s “Grown Woman” gets a Southern switch up.

We should start by saying that we have no clue whether this is an official rendition from Bey’s camp or not however we are leaning towards the latter. Timbaland went for an Afro sound on Beyoncé’s official version of “Grown Woman”. This time around, the R&B Queen Bey is backed by an acoustic country guitar. Our ambivalence towards entirely dismissing this new version is the fact that it isn’t simply cut of Bey’s vocals pasted on to a country tune that fits. Not only is the guitar playing the actual chords to “Grown Woman” but Beyoncé’s vocals also sound rerecorded to fit this track. Could this be another (intentional) leak like the mediocre first single(s) “Bow Down / I Been On”? If she is a grown woman, what can’t she do whatever she wants and release a country version?


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