PREMIERE: Lady Gaga – “Applause” | Video


Lady Gaga finds applause in a circus carnival.

We’ve heard the tune, seen the lyric video, and its accompanying behind-the-scenes footage. Of course, there was also the “Lady Gaga is Over” shortfilm to get the Monsters and non-fans alike all fired up about the new tune. A build-up if there ever was one.

Marketing of this magnitude is testament to the sheer enormity of the star power that is Lady Gaga. But sometimes more emphasis is put on that enormity than the actual product that we expect as a result of it. We already saw it with the single itself. Defense arguments such as the ‘let it grow on you’ argument fail to hold water a week later when sentiments about its missing something remain consistent. The video follows suit. One of the most exciting things about Gaga is her videos. This new one is messy, overdone. There’s much too much happening and not enough show stopping Haus of Gaga visuals that we’ve come to know and love. You’re better off learning the choreography and forgetting the video. The “Applause” video’s biggest talking point won’t be its eccentric costuming or Gaga’s redefining nudity but rather how she spells ARTPOP that quickly with her hands.

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