PREMIERE: Avril Lavigne – “Rock N Roll” | Video


Avril Lavigne saves the world from the terror of the motherf*cking bearshark!

Nothing could have pre-empted the awesomeness that is Avril Lavigne’s new video – yes, not even her teaser clips. The epic new longform video to “Rock N Roll” follows the heroic tale of one motherf*cking Avril Lavigne who is tasked with the mission of saving the world from its dwindling populations and rock ‘n roll from its jeopardy. Her adventures range from letting her drunk dog friend drive them to his to death to kissing a girl and liking it to the inevitable Bearshark slaying. If it sounds ridiculous, it’s meant to. But do not dismiss it until you see it. As an added incentive, Avril throws in a young “Sk8er Boi” reference in the video’s intro.


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