NEW ARTIST: Grim Debuts “Open Minded Broken Heart” Mixtape | Album Audio


New rapper reflects on his broken heart with open mind.

If you claim to know anything about the Joburg hip hop scene, you’ll have heard of the Milk Fam. Grim forms one part of the rapper troupe and he’s transcribing a young life experience or two into his debut mixtape, Open Minded Broken Heart. Perhaps the most striking thing of the record is his bold honesty. R&B has conditioned us to believe that it’s its artists alone who suffer heart break from relationships. This young guy throws us into the memoirs of a couple of ex relationships over a The Soil cover, straight after the mixtape’s intro. But it can’t all be about the past: with competition in the game tighter than it’s been in a number of years, Grim has his sites on becoming king too. Tracks like, “Pain”, “Justice!” and “Dogma” draw the lines quite clearly – it’s number one or nothing. But don’t dismiss it as narcissistic – you’ve just got to take a minute with tracks like “Justice!” to realise this young guy has got an eye on politics too.


The Milk Fam ambassador can wave his Milk Fam flag high with this one. The industry is congested with singles artists and finding an artist that takes the care to focus on an entire body of work is always refreshing. A bold record with a relatable trajectory over a myriad of dope production accents and influences. It gets our thumbs up.

Open Minded Broken Heart is available for download now on Dat Piff and Data File Host.

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