Watch: Ciara Talks “I’m Out”, “Ciara” & More | GRAMMYs Interview


Ciara breaks down her self-titled album at the GRAMMY’s HQ.

C-Squad or not, anyone who tells you they have never gotten down to Ciara’s “I’m Out” with a straight face deserves an Oscar. But it’s music’s equivalent to the Oscars that is the framework for this post and Ciara’s Ciara the reason. caught up with CiCi to find out all things Ciara as well as all things Ciara.

To set the interview off, Ciara is asked to break down her hit single, “I’m Out”. In case you were caught up in the awesomeness of Ciara and Nicki Minaj and missed what it was all about, CiCi lays it down without doing anybody greasy.

Next, she shares tips on how she puts her songs together. Everything goes, from jotting down on her phone when inspiration hits to working of some production.

Ciara has been nominated for five GRAMMYs in her career and won one in the Best Short Form Video category for, “Lose Control” featuring Missy Elliott and Fatman Scoop. With music’s biggest night set at January 26th, 2014, asks if receiving a GRAMMY nomination still thrills Ciara.

Ciara talks about working with LA Reid again as something of a homecoming. check in on how she’s finding her new home at Epic Records.

Artistry is a big deal to our CiCi. For her next answer, she stresses how involved she is her music making process, including the process on remixes.

Nicki Minaj. Future. That completes the list of collaborating artists on Ciara. CiCi talks about how organic her collaborations are since more often than not, she knows the featured artist very well outside of the business of music. Some interesting details on how “I’m Out”, “Livin’ It Up” and “Where You Go” came about. Also, look out for a Nicki Minaj cameo in the means of an impersonation by Ciara.

And because we can, we thought we would. You’re welcome.


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