Watch: On The Road: Kendrick Lamar & TDE | Life + Times Documentary


Jay-Z’s Life + Times debuts TDE documentary.

It’s been a minute since we let you in on a sneak preview of the Life + Times doccie featuring Kendrick Lamar and his TDE crew, Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q and Jay Rock. The final cut to the 16-minute documentary has finally been released via Jay-Z’s lifestyle and entertainment site and features much needed and necessary insight into the rise of TDE.

You have to applaud Hov’ for taking on the curator/steward/father-figure role in the game, especially when the results are this tangible. Any and every aspiring rapper in whatever part of the world must see this clip in order to appreciate what it means to rise in the game. The camaraderie, brotherhood and unity that forms of the foundation of TDE, is precisely the reason why Schoolboy Q’s daughter will never have to experience broke or why K Dot can support himself and his parents financially. Of course, there’s also the music – which is what this is all about – without which there probably wouldn’t be a drive to start from the bottom and rise to “Money Trees” success.

It’s a volatile time in hip hop at the moment and more than anything, young rappers with eyes bigger than their stomachs and heads too big for maturity, need to realise the process of hustle before the stars.

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