NEW: Azealia Banks ft. Pharrell – “ATM Jam” | Lyric Video


I got racks, racks, racks ’til the ATM jam! Tell me whatchu gon’ do!

…is about to be your new favourite line. There’s no denying a Pharrell-produced track and their notorious infectiousness. Azealia Banks uses the producer extraordinaire’s assistance on her latest jam that will have you making best friends with the repeat button. “ATM Jam” is the kind of life we all want to be living. Thankfully, nobody’s checking whether you’ve got six places or more after the decimal comma when you’re jamming to this joint. It’ll make you feel like the baddest (and richest) bitch in the club and it’s all thanks to Banks’ low-key feistiness coupled with Pharrell’s underplayed sex appeal. (Downplaying always amplifies attitude – and Banks and Williams know and prove it in this one.)

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