PREMIERE: Enrique Iglesias ft. Romeo Santos – “Loco” | Video


Enrique debuts cinematic video to new Spanish single.

Apart from the fact that we’ve come to learn from pop culture that “loco” is Spanish for “crazy”, we’re of little to no help in the translation side of the new single. Fortunately, it won’t matter much after you’ve seen the accompanying video. The new Romeo Santos featured single, “Loco”, is the second single off of Enrique’s forthcoming bilingual album, set for a November release. The video for the new single is very reminiscent of the Desperado film franchise, which Iglesias starred in. The one-take-straight-through video, sees Enrique finding his place in a bar with two other men. Before long, a sultry dancer in a red dress appears on a stage in the pub. A man sitting diagonally to Iglesias seems ready to start a brawl but things are left in an open-ended conclusion by the end of the song. If you know Spanish or have a Spanish mate, we believe this might be an enriching advantage. To the rest of the world’s people, grab your popcorn and enjoy the film.


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