PREMIERE: DJ Cleo ft. DJ Mlungu – “Zooma” | Video


Ladies. Your profile pictures are no longer safe.

If your first encounter with this song was over the radio, we hope that this digital encounter has quelled any questions about a reference to our president. Which is just as well because after learning the song’s subject matter, you wouldn’t want to apply it to any head of state.

DJ Cleo and his white counterpart, DJ Mlungu, spend their time zooming in on beautiful girls’ profile pictures. They aren’t to be fooled though as they’re aware that often the girl behind the picture and the girl in the picture are two different people. Nevertheless, I guess it’s quite a kick playing fantasy girl window shopping on social media platforms. The production of the new single is its strongest element – those horns just get you going – and that said, the song would probably have been better without the stalker lyrics.

The video, on the contrary, is perhaps the weakest element of the new single. The Nicky Campos-directed cut is not only monotonous but it’s also everything that Campos is not. With this new one, he’s gone from South Africa’s Collin Tilley to AFDA graduate status.

Discretions aside; with Winter on its way out, DJ Cleo will undoubtedly have all the party moving to the new Eskhaleni 9 cut. If you know how to have a good time out and you’ve caught yourself out zooming in on girls’ profile pictures, this jam’s for you.


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