NEW ARTIST: Sisterfella Debut ‘Jazz / Jurassic’


Sisterfella take us back to the future with their record.

No, that’s no typo. If you consider yourself a music connoisseur, it will probably be easier for you to comprehend. And it’s precisely music knowledge that will have you bopping a head here and tapping a foot there while rating these next guys as musical geniuses. Sisterfella is the new jazz electro DJing duo from the Mother City. Perhaps a premature categorisation but we find our solace in their forthcoming debut EP album title, Jazz / Jurassic and in its lead single “Jurassic”. Forget your favourite, this is like nothing you’ve heard before and it feels so right. Hardly as mediocre and overcompensated for as what’s playing in the club right now. This is something we’re willing bet your mama will appreciate. It’s bumping into someone in a queue who you’re sure you’ve met before but can’t quite put your finger on it. After a drink or two over some synths and bass guitar, that warm nostalgia is confirmed by a mutual love for good music.

The new album, Jazz / Jurassic, is set for an August 30th release. To celebrate the launch of the album, Sisterfella, brought to you by Sportscene, take over Zula Bar on Cape Town’s infamous Long Street this Saturday. Feedbaq will be attending the exclusive listening session and we’ll be sure to bring you all you need to know about Sisterfella and their debut cut soon.



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