NEW: Celine Dion Talks New Album, ‘Loved Me Back to Life’ & Evolution | Billboard Exclusive


Celine Dion says you won’t believe what she’s got planned for her next English album.

The last time we got an English Celine Dion album was back in 2007 with Taking Chances. Between then and now, Dion has been enjoying a juggernaut residency in Las Vegas. But it’s a new day and she’s ready to give her English-speaking fans a new album.

The new album is titled Loved Me Back to Life after its Sia-penned, power ballad, lead single. However, don’t expect extremely lengthened notes or incredibly high ones. She’s the same Celine but she’s woken up to a new day. Speaking to Billboard on her new era, here’s some of what she had to say:

There was a point in my career I can remember for maybe 10 years it was all about, ‘Who’s gonna hold a note longer? Who’s gonna sing the note higher?’ And that’s what the industry demanded. It’s not that we were in competition with each other. None of the singers who were doing that stuff wanted that… It has to evolve at some point, even if it’s just for yourself. I can’t wait to go onstage and sing these songs.

Get a feel of what this new era of Celine’s will sound like by watching this live performance of “Loved Me Back to Life”.

For more on what Celine had to say on her forthcoming album, head down to

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