PREMIERE: Chris Brown ft. Nicki Minaj – “Love More” | Video


Chris Brown takes it t the club with his latest video.

The new video’s Elle Fanning intro gets you psyched up for what could potentially be another epic Breezy visual. It’s not. The most interesting thing you’ll see in the video is all in the first 30 seconds. Everything from the laser lights to the X-ray visual of everything south of Chris Brown’s torso (I feel like he must as well have been naked) are anti-climatic visual treats. The club scene that they lead to sees Chris channeling Michael Jackson (again) and copping a view of a live twerk. The song itself, “Love More”, almost seems to beg for a slower tempo and a more R&B feel (perhaps I’m being too sentimental) and not even a Nicki Minaj verse could save it.

Whatever you may think of him and whatever folk might say about him, Chris Brown is an incredible performer. If for anything, at least watch this video for that.


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