PREMIERE: Fall Out Boy ft. Big Sean – “The Mighty Fall” | Video


Big Sean debuts in Part 5 of Fall Out Boy’s The Young Blood Chronicles.

In an attempt to Save Rock and Roll, Fall Out Boy have set out an 11-part video series, The Young Blood Chronicles, as a visual supplement to their new album. In case you missed the first four parts, head down to Fall Out Boy’s official YouTube channel.

In this, the fifth installment of the series, the mightiest of the band and Big Sean, fall prey to a gang of children who out for nothing less than blood. We haven’t seen kids this vicious since– Yeah. We haven’t seen kids this vicious. We also didn’t think we’d ever see Big Sean twisting a kid’s neck.

If you look passed the guts and gore, there’s a really incredible rock jam by the American rockers underscoring the gory events. Rock and roll has not died. It has simply evolved. And we’re proud to have Fall Out Boy leading that evolution.

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