PREMIERE: Jay-Z ft. Justin Timberlake–“Holy Grail” | Video



Jay-Z debuts new JT-featured video on Facebook

In a move no one anticipated, Jay-Z has just debuted the video to his Justin Timberlake featured, “Holy Grail” on social media platform, Facebook. We can only attribute this to his #newrules obsession of late. With an audience shy of a billion on Facebook, perhaps it isn’t too far-fetched to see why Hov’ would want to do something like this.

The video itself is strange if not border-line (initially?) non-sensical. They must have employed the baddest creative and art directors in town because the video looks all kinds of amazing. However, it’s a curious clip dubbed with an even more curious cut of the Magna Carta Holy Grail title track. There are all these slow-motion bits, particularly during hooks, that just don’t work for the flow of the song at all and almost seem unnecessary. You’ll allow them before JT comes in – the video begins with a Jay-Z verse – but when it gets to the actual song it starts to lose its significance and seems clumsy. I began asking myself if my internet connection was perhaps a touch wonky. Not the case, as I now know. It is still pretty to look at nonetheless in the way that it shows Jay as someone who truly is an all-round artist, however successful he may be at it.

3 thoughts on “PREMIERE: Jay-Z ft. Justin Timberlake–“Holy Grail” | Video

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