Watch: Zakes Bantwini LIVE at Oppikoppi Festival 2013 | Full Performance Set


Zakes Bantwini raises the roof at Oppikoppi with his signature moves.

The music scene in South Africa has grown in leaps and bounds and we’ve come to see a myriad of incredible musicians emerging. But we’ve yet to see an age of performers. A local talent who stands head-and-shoulders above the rest is one Zakes Bantwini. Give the man a mic, a stage and some lights and he’ll keep you fired up all night with his slick moves, raspy timbre and pelvic thrusts. For his recent stint at the annual Oppikoppi Festival, he stopped the show with not just a showcase of the artist that is Bantwini but a celebration of good music. Covers from Bob Marley to Boom Shaka made for special treats for the audience who couldn’t get enough of the man with the moves.

Catch a peek of the set list and performance below:
1 – Take It All Off
2 – Wasting My Time
3 – It’s About Time (Boom Shaka cover)
4 – One Love (Bob Marley cover)
5 – Karolina
6 – Bum Bum
7 – Sawa Sawalegn (Ziggy Zaga cover)
8 – Clap Your Hands / Clap Your Hands (Remix) Medley


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