#FDBQ Exclusive: Sisterfella Debut ‘Jazz / Jurassic’ | Album Launch Party


Sisterfella shut Zula Bar down for debut EP launch.

There was no better place to be on Saturday, the 31st of August, than Zula Sound Bar on Cape Town’s infamous Long Street. This was the sight that would see the premiere launch of a new sound from a new artist. We introduced you to Sisterfella when we brought you their debut single, “Jurassic” a while ago but this time we bring you the complete package.

While in attendance at the album launch, we were treated to an exclusive first listen of the duo’s debut EP. This isn’t just another collection of sounds that make up the monotonous background to your night out of pelvic grinds, vodka and party perspiration. I think back to earlier this year when the entire industry was saying how music needed Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories. Music needs Sisterfella and Jazz / Jurassic is only the beginning. Each sound on Jazz / Jurassic – be it a snare, hi hat, bass drum, synth or (my personal favourite) bass guitar – is its own character in the Jurassic story that Sisterfella are here to tell with their debut effort. But don’t take my word for it.

Sisterfella is two fellas: Elu Eboka and Francois Botha. And yes, no sister. Following the conclusion of our listening session an interview was in order, and I would probe this gender inequality as my entry point into finding out more about the guys behind the audacious and psychedelic sound of Jazz / Jurassic.

In our exclusive two-part interview, the two young guys reveal details on their union. No, Sisterfella, is not the result of an axing of a third female member but you’ll be accurate for tracing it back to a time when stage names mattered. Think Earth, Wind and Fire or Ashford and Simpson, as Elu alludes. The inception of “Sisterfella” was as organic as the duo creates. Francois studies classical music while Elu has extensive experience playing for bands. The nexus of their musical prowess is Sisterfella and they reveal details on their life experiences with music and how that has influenced the group sound.

A particularly interesting revelation is the fact that the tracks that made the EP were sifted from a myriad of other material that they are currently working on. As much as I tried to coax information about a new project out of them, the guys remained fairly tight lipped about any immediate plans save for currently working on what “could potentially be [their] next single”.

As lovers of art and good music, Sisterfella want to ensure that when it comes to releasing a full body of work, it will be something that is as organic as the process has been so far. As anxious as we may be for new material, we have to agree. Details on these and more in our two-part interview exclusive below.

Before we could call it a night we had get on the floor and dance – we were in the presence of DJs after all. We caught footage of some of the amazing supporting acts plus a cool cut of the headlining act of the night, Sisterfella.

During the listening session, I spoke to Elu about some of his favourite artists and albums. The iconic Off the Wall came up during our talk and I was pleasantly surprised to see it come up in their set as well, among all the other hit songs that kept the fans dancing the night away. Needless to say, the duo turned Zula Bar into a jump. Catch up on what you missed out on below.

Stay with Feedbaq for all things Sisterfella and be sure to download your copy of Jazz / Jurassic here.


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