PREMIERE: Busiswa ft. Oskido & Uhuru – “Ngoku” | Video


Busiswa’s going to a need a ‘hell yeah!’ from you right about now.

Bring on the parties and the celebrations. It’s the time of year where we exchange the boots and coats for shorts and vests as we prepare to get down. Busiswa has got no time to waste this season and her instruction is simple: when the beat comes on, get down, “Ngoku”. In case you’re not sure how to, the Oskido and Uhuru-assisted house number comes complete with a new signature Busiswa dance move that’s about to make its residency at every house party across the land. The more coveted of those parties will no doubt be the V.I.N.T.A.G.E Cru parties. For a taste of what you’ll be missing out on, look out for a cameo in the video from the show-stopping, super-turnt up, charismatic and controversial Cru.

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