EXCLUSIVE: Kristyna Myles – “The Paris Match” | Video


Kristyna Myles channels The Style Council for debut single.

Legends are deemed legendary because they do what they do so well. However, every now and then a maturing act comes along and proves her worth by channelling a legend. Introducing, Kristyna Myles.

The Manchester born songstress finds her voice in soul and pop and so what better way to introduce her to the world than with a cover of one of the great soul songs, “The Paris Match”. Recorded three decades by The Style Council and Jane Williams, the song carries with it a long standing legacy that is testament to it being regarding as a soul classic.

Myles’ interpretation of the song is respectful, honourable, desirable and most importantly unique. But if my word won’t hold water, The Style Council lead singer, Paul Weller’s appraisal of the song, “absolutely stunning”, should dispel any concerns of the success of the new artist taking on the classic song.

The official single is set for a release on the 9th of September at an exclusive launch party in Myles’ hometown of Manchester. Between now and then, you can pre-order the single on iTunes and watch the accompanying music video below.

Stay with Feedbaq for all things Kristyna Myles.

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