NEW ARTIST: Eddie Murphy Teases “Red Light” with Snoop Lion | Video


Eddie Murphy fills the large shoes of lyrical legends.

No, this is not some punk rock band that decided to leach on a famous actor’s name. If you felt any sympathy for and loved James “Thunder” Early in Dreamgirls, you’re going to love this latest announcement. I always wondered if Murphy would pursue a career in music following his musical film debut – co-star Jamie Foxx’s music career was certainly reignited by his role in Ray. I wonder no more. Tomorrow sees the debut of Eddie Murphy’s video to his first single titled, “Red Light”. Murphy gets us amped up with a rehearsal-type teaser clip that really looks like a James Early rehearsal. We don’t want to count our chickens just yet but the 30 seconds we see look pretty darn good.

The Snoop Lion featured single is already making the rounds on the internet. Once you hear the song you’ll connect the dots in terms of why this particular collaboration came about. The reggae-driven “Red Light” is an anti-oppression song but not quite the type you’d think. Whatever part of the world you may find yourself, whatever is holding you back – leaders, government, military, friends, bad influences – Eddie Murphy’s new anthem encourages those with the power to, to put up a red light to these oppressors.

Reggae has seen many a unsuccessful revival since the loss of its legends and forerunners, Bob Marley and Lucky Dube. Perhaps one American can turn things around by putting a red light on the neglect the beautiful genre has been shown.


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