Watch: R. Kelly Debuts “Black Panties” in Atlanta | Revolt TV


R. Kelly debuts new single and reveals details on his journey.

Exclusive industry folk and friends got a first listen of R. Kelly’s new single “Black Panties” in Atlanta and Revolt TV was there to capture all the action.

Many people have always found it peculiar and simply strange that the King of R&B can move seamlessly between bedroom bangers and angelic anthems. In an impromptu talk with his party of exclusive guests, he reveals how his story involves everything from sex, clubs, women and church. More importantly, he states emphatically that he’s not afraid of any of it and that it’s his destiny to use his gift to share it with the world.

Much like the guy who catches the football: he runs. And that’s what I got. I feel like I got that ball in my hands still and I’m still running. So my story is all of this: sex, money, broke, women, clubs, and even church. It’s all of those things mixed up into one. I’m not afraid of it. I understand it. It is the nature of life. This gift I have, it’s a beautiful disease and I’m glad I got it.

All hail the King! But as we know, not everyone does. In fact, quite the contrary is true for Mr Robert Sylvester Kelly. He address the haters in the second half of the clip and explains how he doesn’t like being disliked but that he’s found a positive way around it.

It seems like it’s a completely new day for R. Kelly and we can’t wait to see how this new era turns out. For all things R. Kelly, stay with Feedbaq. Until the next release, take a peek of the exclusive Atlanta listening party below.

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