NEW: Natalia Kills – “Outta Time” | Lyric Video


Natalia Kills determines her relationship’s fate country style.

In a sound that we have yet to hear from Natalia Kills, she cuts country-pop song, or should we say neo-country, as her new single. Think Dolly Parton-meets-Lady Gaga, which even in itself isn’t too farfetched – we know how much Mother Monster loves the classics and the legends who create them. In Kills’ “Outta Time”, we see a move as rare as the genre she’s recording in. It isn’t her man that’s out of time but rather her misdemeanors have left their relationship out of time. 9.9/10 break up songs always paint the ex as the antagonist – why, hello there, Adele – but Kills takes full responsibility for this one and accepts her fate saying she messed up and she knows no one’s going to be at the end of the line when she dials the phone. The accompnaying self-directed lyric video is as pretty as the song and its creator and only leaves us with baited breath for the official video.


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