Joburgers! Get to Rocking the Daisies on The Daisy Train


Forget your flight. Male your way to RTD an experience.

A hundred Johannesburg fans are in a for a special and unique Rocking the Daisies experience. You could go the dull route of booking a flight to Cape Town and then a bus to Darling. But what you actually want to do, is get on The Daisy Train. A unique Joburg extension of the Rocking the Daisies experience, The Daisy Train is the perfect pre- and after-party celebration for the festival, while making your way there. Publicist, Rachelle Crous describes The Daisy Train as an environment that fosters an

intangible mosaic of Kodak moments, a vast array of memories, experiences and sensations that melt together to form one big happy smile. A week‐long vacation that seems to last forever and yet it’s over in the blink of an eye. Just like a dream.

For those of you who need a little enticing, check out the amazing time the Cape to Koppi guys had last month.

The Daisy Train is set to leave Johannesburg Park Station the day before the festival, in time to arrive before all the fun kicks off. The arrives in Cape Town on the opening day of the festival, from which point a bus will takeover as the mode of transport to Darling. To allow for Daisy Train RTDers to wind down before the trek back the City of Gold, the bus back to Cape Town will leave the Monday afternoon following the close of the festival Sunday night.

Check out the itinerary details below:

Wednesday – 2 October
11:30 Meet up at Park Station
12:30 Train Departs

Thursday – 3 October
15:00 Arrive in Cape Town
15:30 Stock up on supplies
16:00 Bus to RTD

Thursday to Sunday – Rocking The Daisies

Sunday – 6 October
09:00 Meet up at Bus
09:30 Bus Departs
10:30 Arrive at Wellington Station
11:30 Train departs

Monday – 7 October
14:00 Arrive at Park Station Station

Tickets are set at a cool R2500, including the return trip via train and bus between Joburg and Cape Town, a Rocking the Daisies Festival ticket, a tour T-shirt and gift bag. For those who already have a festival ticket, The Daisy Train trip will cost you only R1900. For all ticket purchases, be sure to head down to Webtickets.


2 thoughts on “Joburgers! Get to Rocking the Daisies on The Daisy Train

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