NEW ARTIST: Thomas James Debuts “In Love & War” & “1989”


Thomas James and breaks in rebuilds relationships in debut singles.

In a trend that’s picking up steadily, British musos, Art Stimulated Minds, have formed a collective of artists with one love, passion and goal: music. Among them, instrumentalists, producers, singers and songwriters alike. Their first offering is one singer, songwriter and guitarist, Thomas James. There is something about musicians that we’ve found in the way they seem to have a more wholistic view of their music as opposed to artists who are just singers.

The first of James’ singles, “Love & War”, reminds me of Carlos Santana and Michael Jackson on the Invincible album collaboration, “Whatever Happens”. It’s in his subtle affect. It’s in his falsetto. It’s in the soaring guitar riffs that stay with you long after that song has come to its end. Samba meets rock in one of James’ best efforts.

“1989” comes across deceptively pop but as soon as the funkadelic keys kick in and the acoustic infuses the melody with a cool harmonious breeze, the world of genre matters nought and it’s back to what got us here in the first place: a pristine love for music.

We’ll be keeping our eye on all things Thomas James and Art Stimulated Minds so be sure to check back for more.


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