PREMIERE: Jaheim – “Baby x3” | Video


Jaheim finds his dreamgirl and stops at nothing to get her.

The first time we saw a song with multiplication in its title was back with Chris Brown’s “Yeah x3”. “Baby x3” is a Jaheim classic and a good follow-up indicator to “Age Ain’t a Factor”, proving this new record is going to be an instant soul/R&B classic. The trouble I always have with these titles is how to pronounce them. Are you meant to actually say, ‘baby, baby, baby’ or is it just ‘baby ex three’ or ‘baby times/multiplied by three’? Perhaps it has something to do with the love-triangle that plays out in the video.

Remember when Jaheim played a magazine shoot photographer for his last video, “Age Ain’t a Factor”? The story continues into the next single and its accompanying video. After they call it a day, Jaheim stops one of his subjects in her tracks – played by Vivica A. Fox – to proposition her. Being the good woman that she is, she declares she’s married but this doesn’t stop the smitten photographer from saving his number on her phone. A cat-and-mouse chase ensues before Fox’s character’s husband finds the truth out circumstantially.

There is, however, a second sub-plot that is in play during the visual, but we presume the missing pieces to that tale will be revealed in the continuation of the story i.e. the next Appreciation Day video. Catch all the romance, deceit, infidelity and Kodak moments below.


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