Watch: Billy Ray Cyrus Weighs in on Miley’s VMA Performance | E! News


Piers Morgan catches up with Billy Ray Cyrus.

Charismatic TV show host, Piers Morgan, welcomed famed country star, Billy Ray Cyrus, to CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight to talk about his daughter’s controversial MTV VMA performance. It’s been just under a month since Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke’s twerk-driven performance at the notoriously controversial award ceremony and yet everyone is still talking about it. This is the first time we hear Miley’s dad throwing his two cents in and it seems he’s got nothing but praise. By Billy Ray’s account, there has never been a great singer/songwriter who’s had audiences who’ve felt lukewarm about his/her work. In fact, he’s pretty sure we’ll look back in awe someday. If anything, he didn’t look like he was convincing Piers. What do you think about his response as a father? Here’s the low down from E! News.


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