Watch: Kanye West x Zane Lowe Interview Part 1 | BBC Radio 1


Kanye West articulates the sound of frustration.

In this, the first part of BBC Radio 1’s exclusive four-part interview with Kanye West, Zane Lowe dives right in with a probe into the mechanics of Yeezus. As polarised as opinions may be for the record, anyone would seem ludicrous for not seeing the new record as an art piece. Lowe picks up on the contrast painted in each song and uses the opening track, “On Sight”, as an example. It kicks in with the larger than life synth by Daft Punk and mid-track we’re taken into a choral verse. Ye talks about this as mirroring life and how it changes just as instantaneously as in life. He talks about it as the sound of frustration and that if he were to encapsulate what that is, it would sound like Yeezus.

On a further unpacking towards the latter stage of this Part 1, he takes a minute to address those that see him as a ranting rapper. For Yeezy, hip hop has always been about the culture and he’s dedicated his life it seems to restoring and preserving it. “There would be no Kanye West without Michael Jackson,” he says, acknowledging the groundbreaking achievements Jackson attained and the ceilings he broke. For Yeezy though, there’s yet a ceiling to be broken which Jackson didn’t have the time to break, and he has hit it.

This is one of a few interviews that Kanye has done this year, fewer than you can count on one hand. The great thing about this as opposed to the former is that all bets are off with Zane Lowe. Prepare to meet the real Kanye West.


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