PREMIERE: Secret Project: Revolution – A Film by Madonna & Steven Klein


Madonna reveals #secretproject

Madonna’s spent the last two months whetting our appetites ahead of the release of what she coined a #secretproject. Today marks the release of the project she created in collaboration with Steven Klein.

We didn’t know what to expect but a 17-minute shortfilm didn’t make our non-existent shortlist of possiblities. Madonna is in a revolutionary phase as are many artists. Her goal is to transform the poor state at which things are at the moment through the use of love. Her fight is against the censorship of expression of all peoples of all religious affiliations, sexual preferences, genders and races. All pf this through a film she calls, Secret Project: Revolution.

The film noir narrated clip, interprets Madonna’s sentiments on this matter through interpretive dance as an imprisoned Madonna watches on.

The film marks the launch of the Art For Freedom campaign which is created by Madonna and curated by VICE. It seeks to resolve all of the Secret Project: Revolution film’s issues by encouraging expression through music, video, poetry and photography. Visit to get involved.

Madonna took a minute to sit down with VICE’s Eddy Moretti, in the same chamber that the Secret Project: Revolution film was shot, to talk about the film and the woman behind the drive to make this effort.

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