Watch: Kanye West x Zane Lowe Interview Part 3 |BBC Radio 1


Kanye West unpacks his frustration further.

By the third quarter, it’s beginning to become quite clearly apparent that this interview is more about Kanye West than it is about Yeezus or any of his music for that matter. But assuming he insists that the new record is mirroring of his frustrations, perhaps we can say it is about the music after all.

He reveals the reasons behind his extra-musical endeavours in this penultimate part of the interview series. In terms of fashion, its been in his genes, he emphatically states, as he reveals the history of style in his family. He also breaks down the fact that he feels misplaced in any faction because he doesn’t consider himself a musician – he can barely play the piano – he doesn’t consider himself a rapper – he started off as a producer – and no one will recognise him as a designer – although he went to artschool.

We’d have liked to hear more on the side of how he’s finding being a father now but, alas, he defers that answer for a rainy day. For everything else Yeezy though, check out Part 3 of the BBC Radio 1 exclusive with Zane Lowe below.


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