Watch: Kanye West x Zane Lowe Interview Part 4 | BBC Radio 1


Kanye West dishes on the things that enslave him.

It’s been a peculiar week of interviews by Zane Lowe with Kanye West. Today sees the conclusion of the four-part exclusive.

The final 18 minutes is coloured by the main theme in “New Slaves”. From Lowe’s opening criticism of Ye about him being too hard on himself as an artist, the ball of slavery starts rolling. Kanye expands on the idea of slavery with an analogy where a guy in a Maybach drives passed a homeless man. The question: who is enslaved? Being celebrity, wanting without the education what one should want to want, not being given what one needs – these are some of the areas of Yeeezy’s life where he feels especially enslaved.

While 90% of this entire interview has been about Kanye’s revolutionary agenda, we do appreciate the 10% where tid bits about the music are revealed. “I Am a God” as well as “Black Skinhead” were spawned out of Yeezy’s barring from the Yves Saint Laurent show. After he was told he couldn’t attend any other show if he wanted to attend that one, he went off and made music with the people who made music for the show in the first place. You may have heard of them, two French androids by the group name of Daft Punk.

There’s a lot to be said for how this interview turned out but we think Lowe got it just right: there’s was a lot to be learned from the dialogue. And it’s only just begun.


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