Listen: Cher – ‘Closer to the Truth’ | Album Preview


Cher gives a pre-taste of what to expect on her new album.

We’ve already heard the singles “Woman’s World” and “I Hope You Find It” but just in case you needed a more comprehensive feel of the album, Cher has put you in luck.

The official album preview stream has been released and features bite-size previews to all 14 tracks on the deluxe edition of the new album, Closer to the Truth.

The album kicks off with the proclamatory anthem, “Women’s World” which sets the precedent for club bangers in the first third of the album. It’s just as well that the album should kick off with an re-establishment of the rules, because the tracks that follow see a temptress Cher in a game of cat and mouse with her love.

By the middle of the record, all bets are off and there seems to be hope for love with songs like, “Lovers Forever” and “Favorite Scars”. But ‘seems’, here, is precisely the operative word. Cher releases her love with “I Hope You Find It”, wishing him well on his journey to find whatever it is that was missing.

By the conclusion of the album, songs as controversial as “Lie to Me” emphasise the blissfulness of ignorance while Cher picks herself up and takes “Pride” in herself before concluding that she’ll be back citing, “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me”. A bold finish, bringing us full circle from the album’s bold, anthemic intro.

This is not, by any measure, a dying stallion’s last kick. This is a legendary pop icon reimagined in an era where everyone thought she was done for. The album will satisfy both die-hard fans and Cher first-timers with its ability to reconcile the beats that made her Queen of the Dancefloor with the new sound in pop that the new era of princesses are driving forward. And that’s as close to the truth as it gets.

Closer to the Truth is available now in the US and Canada, with an international release date set for 14 October.


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