#FDBQ EXCLUSIVE: A Conversation With Micheal Lowman


We did a post on Micheal Lowman a few weeks ago and recently we went down to Smack Republic at Arts on Main in the Maboneng District to attend Micheal Lowman’s album launch for his debut album titled Crayon Boxes.

The music was presented in an intimate setting reminiscent of VH1 Storytellers program. Micheal started out the evening with a cover of John Mayer’s “Dear Marie” off his new album Wildfire. What followed was a trip into Micheal’s soul via original music from the Crayon Boxes album.


Each song was played acoustically with just his voice and a guitar. He started each song with an often funny story about how the music was written and what inspired it. This way of presenting the music made it feel even more personal and authentic. When listening to the music one really gets the sense that we have only just scratched the surface with Micheal Lowman. He truly was born to make music and will go far beyond South Africa.


Download the album here and listen to the interview we did with him about his album, single choices and the album making process and how he envisions his career in the future below.

Check out the video for ‘Your Lovin’ Ain’t Right’ and the lyric video for second single ‘Girl Saves Boy’ below.


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