NEW: Death by Misadventure Debut “Dumb Dumb” – EPK | Just Music Sessions


Too much of anything is a bad thing.

Although we beg to differ. Something tells me you could never possibly have too much of DbyM.

Death by Misadventure is the brainchild (or lovechild, perhaps) of Tamara Dey, of Flash Republic fame, and boyfriend and frontman of Shadowclub, Isaac Klawansky. Together, they are the hottest South African export of alternative electronica out of the Just Music stable.

Taking a minute after there set at the Yamaha World of Music, they talk about their favourite songs off of their debut album, Dumb Dumb and the creative process behind it that took place primarily in their Johannesburg home. Theirs is a illuminatingly dark palette of music exploration. There’s a story in every beat, every synth; every hook, line and note. And it’s not the same old recycled material you hear on the radio. The complexities of relating to another to the state of our planet are among the frame of subject matter that feature on the eclectic new record.

Watch them perform some of their favourites off of as well talk their debut, Dumb Dumb below.

In case you missed their Just Music Session live at the Yamaha World of Music, catch a peek of the performances of the singles, “Faith” and “Beast” live.

Be sure to support good local music by purchasing Dumb Dumb now on iTunes and visit DbyM’s official website for all the latest.


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