PREMIERE: GoodLuck–“Trickery” | Video


Pint-size star proves superheroes come in small packages.

As the anticipation for GoodLuck’s forthcoming Creatures of Night album reaches fever-pitch, its lead single, that’s had every club jumping from here to Europe, has finally been given some visual treatment.

The club number underscores the story of a pint-size, modern day superhero. He fights through his father’s disapproval, the ridicule of friends and the dogma of the education system to fulfil his lost brother’s dream of being a pro skater. But what’s a pro skater without his “goodluck.” printed jumpsuit and aerodynamic Daft Punk-esque helmet? (You can’t touch this!)

Of course, the hero saves the day (and his street cred) but we’ll let you watch the shot on location in Cape Town clip yourself without spoiling too much.

Don’t forget to check back soon for revelations and details on the This Might Sound Crazy project. Between now and then, you’d do yourself good to pre-order Creatures of Night on iTunes now! Album drops 1 November.


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